Monday, September 12, 2011

Samsung Working With Microsoft on Windows 8 Tablets

Samsung is working with Microsoft in a Windows 8 tablet. This, licensing agreements, and the patent war, doesn't it feel like piece by piece, Google's enemies are working to take apart the enormous lead and momentum that Android has built in the last couple of years?

The Fast Company post suggests that this new tablet will finally realize Bill Gates' dream of the Windows tablet he introduced so long ago but ulyimately failed to catch on. And I do believe that Microsoft does have better technology and has learned from the past. And, obviously, the success of the iPad has proven that there is a market for something between the smartphone and the PC.

What does this mean for Android tablets? Not good. Android will get another shot at the tablet market but it'll have a harder time.

Google will be releasing Android 4 with mug improved tablet support than Honeycomb. Honeycomb will be about 2011. Android 4 will be about 2012.

And even with Android 4, Google's platform will have to deal with not only Apple's iPad which will move onto iPad 3 by then but Windows 8 that some of Google's Android partners will be making.

And from the specs being tossed around for Windows 8, Google better have something really special with Android.

Source: Fast Company.

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