Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Students Arrested For Hiring Another To take SAT For Them, You Can Be Booksmart but Brain-Dead At The Same Time

Seven students were arrested after a SAT plot in which one college student took tests for six high school students.  Apparently, he's pretty smart or very good at taking tests because he scored around 2200 of out a possible score of 2400 for them.

However, it was pretty stupid to be doing this.  After school officials were tipped off, they started examining the SAT scores with the academic records of those high school students to look for discrepancies:  high SAT scores and poor HS academic records. 

Sure enough, they  found those six and through handwriting examination, they found out that one Sam Eshahoff, was paid $1500 to $2500, to take those tests  And if you recall just how tiring it was, our brilliant test taker once actually took SAT exams twice in one weekend.

However, I wonder what kind of charges can the authorities bring to these guys.  Eschaghoff is being charged with scheming to defraud.  Okay, who?  Also, falsifying business records.  What business?  And criminal impersonation?  The students asked Eschaghoff to present to be them.  It's a stretch.

I'm not condoning this.  Eschaghoff should be kicked out of college and these HS students be expelled or worse but jail time?  Not enough murderers, rapists, abusers, and drug dealers deal with?

Source:  MSNBC.

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