Monday, September 12, 2011

Symantec To Offer "Norton One" Service That Will Protect PCs and Mobiles

In 2012, Symantec will debut a service called Norton One, a family subscription that covers personal computers and mobiles.  I know iOS fans will scoff at this since most of the malware issues are on the Android platform.  Whatever, it's a good move by Symantec.  Brilliant since we will still be looking at covering our PCs, so why not our mobile devices?

It idea is that as PCs give way to smartphones and tablets, Symantec is still looking to be included in the mind-share of mobile warriors when it comes to protection against the dark side of a still evolving mobile market.  You can try to be as careful as you like but,  honestly, the Android Marketplace's more open system does provide some pitfalls when it comes to malwares and apps stealing personal information.

I'll try to stay opened minded and see how much this costs and what kind of protection it'll actually offer and how it'll protect mobile devices.

Source:  PC Mag.

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