Friday, September 9, 2011

Yahoo-AOL Merger?

I don't know.  Two wrongs don't make a right.  That only in math where two negatives equal, well, you know.  And it appears that AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong, is pitching this to Yahoo. And in return, Yahoo will gain a CEO in Armstrong.

You for this?  Right now, AOL is going through some pains of absorbing tech blog, Techcrunch, and it isn't as if AOL's performance is stellar at the moment.  And do you want Arianna Huffington to be around?  She's good but in a self-promoting sort of sense.  Yahoo cannot afford to have those kinds of distractions.

I simply don't see how this will be beneficial to Yahoo.  Jerry, I'd pass on this if I were you.

Source:  Bloomberg via Cnet.

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