Monday, October 3, 2011

Amazon Sold Nearly An Estimated 100K Kindle Fire Tablets

How many Kindle Fires Amazon will sell is a secret that no one will know but it has not kept others from trying to figure out how many Fires has already been pre-sold.

These estimate is around 95K but I think it's conservative.  100K is likely on the first day and a lot more since.  Is that a success?  Definitely has gotten hold of reader and tablet user interests.  That's for sure.  And reviews along with word of mouth should also help.  It's very likely the initial hands-on from bloggers has helped the Fire as well. 

At the same time, I think the success of Fire will only heat up competition among Android tablets as well as the iPad.  

Furthermore, a new estimate out today says that Amazon could be make money on each device and that's before it even sells a single ebook.  But I'll leave that out since Amazon making money off each Fire sale is not all that relevant to the mobile experience.  

Having said that, I'm still waiting for other Android tablet makers to respond.  It's likely that they'll dabble in the market but I reckon they're waiting to see what Microsoft has to offer.  The main thing is we don't know yet how Google's own 7" tablet via Motorola will be positioned.  

We already know about Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7 Plus.  Now, we want to know how much they cost.

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