Android Changed By Google Buyout of Motorola: Best To Admit That Sooner Than Later

Google's former CEO and current chairman, Eric Schmidt, reiterated what other Googlers have been saying since the announcement that Google will buy Motorola - it will not change how Android operates.  It's hard to believe that since it already has some consequences though I would hardly call them unforeseen.

Granted, most changes between Google and its Android partners will be subtle at first and behind the scenes and away from public scrutiny but Android place among mobile fans will change.  It is not to say that things will be bad.  It could be better.

We can see a better hardware and software integration from Google that anyone else who choose to remain an Android phone maker will have to follow and out do.  And that could be a good thing for Android fans.  

At the same time, Android development could accelerate and improve as Google gain the experiences of hardware development from Motorola.  We'll likely see this kind of product improvement in about a year's time.  Google already has shown it can produce decent phones if it partner with the likes of Samsung who is about the release the Nexus Prime.

And working with Motorola could be just as good if not better for Google.  

Source:  Phandroid.


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