Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple Event Was Dull, No Surprises; Time For Google To Shine

This is Google's moment now.  And anyone else's for that matter.  Apple's stock is down close to 5% after failing to wow the mobile fans with the iPhone 4S.

And up next is Android 4.  And this is where Google can make a big big splash and show that it can not only offer a dominating alternative to Apple's iOS devices but also shine by showing off some impressive innovative features.

Make no mistake though.  The iPhone 4S is a force to be reckoned with.  The iPhone 4 was the bestseller to be followed by the iPhone 3GS.  So the iPhone 4S will be flying off the shelves.  Apple probably feels no need to rush an "iPhone 5" to the market because which Samsung can outsell Apple as a whole, there is still no one individual Android phone that is outselling Apple's one product.

So, I like to see Samsung, Motorola, or anyone else come up with something that really challenge the 4S.  And in this market, having momentum is a good thing.  Apple probably lost a lot of momentum today and that is probably a good morale booster for its competitors.

So, up next is Android 4.  Maybe Google can wow me the way Apple failed to do for mobile fans.

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