Friday, October 28, 2011

Apps for Google TV - Could Be Interesting If Done Right

Google TV now supports apps.  And they're already showing up in the Android Marketplace.  Will this be how Google moves into the living room and stay there for good?  On top of that Google TV now support Honeycomb.

However, I like to see just how Google plans on bring an Airplay-like feature to the whole experience.  With compatible smartphones and tablets, we can see a whole new experience in gaming - especially if you consider the accelerometer and the compass.

On top of that, Google is like at bring more entertainment values to the whole experience.  This is especially critical if you take into account that many mobile warriors multi-task with their tablet or smartphones while watching TV.  Google is aiming to bring an integrated experience and expand on that.

Imagine watching a show and using the tablet to get information about the actors or the story behind it.  It could open up a whole interactive experience that goes beyond what we already have with DVD and Blu-Ray.

And to make the whole experience more seamless, Google streamlined its interface and integrate search with multiple video sources to make it easier for users to find the video they want to watch.

All in all, it's a great improvement.  This is what Google TV should have been like from day one.  And I'm still curious just how apps for the TV will be different from those on other devices.  Can't wait to see.

Source: Google TV.

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