Are We Ready For Deep Space Travel?

I am watching Enterprise, the 4-year series. Too bad it was ended prematurely. Towards the end, it had finally found it's footing. But you know, gutless media execs and all.

One of the recurring themes in the series is out readiness to be out in the depth of the final frontier. The Vulcans questioned our maturity as a violent race, our attitudes about ourselves as a species.

And given the number of species the first starship from earth encountered, the firefights, mistakes, and inexperience, I think humanity should have heeded numerous Vulcan advices.

However, I really doubt that we will encounter that many species on our part of the Milky Way. In fact, I am certain any alien race would probably do their best to avoid us.

The reason is simple: our regard for out own self-indulgence and survival of the fittest nature will undoubtedly bring our bad habits into space travel, colonization, and expansion.

In time, I am certain we will be ready for a first contact. An alien species will probably find humanity ready and they will unveil themselves to us.

I am probably ignore any threat that such alien civilization could pose to us. Probably make sense to do that. We cannot go venturing off into space thinking about possible threats. Any alien ships we make contact with probably are more advanced than we will be during our early days of exploration. So there is no point in any threat assessment. We just have to hope they are content with a new member of the galactic community and not interesting in wiping us out, enslaving us, or conquer us for our planet's resources.

So we'll be ready to explore space when we do develop faster that light travel because we likely won't encounter anyone and will have the adjustment period to allow our species to grow and mature.

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