Saturday, October 15, 2011

AT&T And Sprint Bragged About Their Numbers, Where Is Verizon's Brag?

No doubt Apple had a great week with the pre-sale figure of 1 million iPhone 4S sold and a fantastic Friday today with AT&T doubling the already iPhone 4 activations and Sprint recording best-ever day.  As an Apple fan, you are heartened by this.

Okay, good.  Ahem, Verizon, you go next.  Tell us how crazy your iPhone sales have been today.  Go ahead.  The stage is yours.

Hello?  Verizon?  Hey, there.  Come on.  Don't be shy.  

Not the best ever?  Second best?  Second best is okay.  I bought one, pre-ordered it.  That's one that I know of.  There were other folks I'm sure.  

What?  You're too good for us?  WTF!?

Seriously, I can wait to find out the final score between the three.  I'm sure Sprint with its fantastic sales won't be close to what AT&T has.  I just want to know how close VZW's iPhone activations come to AT&T's.

You have to keep in mind that AT&T has an advantage neither  Sprint or VZW has:  free iPhone 3GS.  It's a two year old iPhone but remember, it was the second best selling smartphone, bested only by its sibling, the iPhone 4.  

So I doubt Verizon will be able to match AT&T's iPhone sales figure.  It's likely that figures leased by Apple will be an inclusive figure and they will not break things down by types of iPhone.  They don't do that with the Macs or the iPods.

More than competitive reasons, I also like to see if the mobile users at Verizon buy a different mix of the 4S and 4 than from the AT&T and Sprint customers.  It can go a long way in helping Apple and developers know what customers need.

I don't know how long before we get word from Verizon.  I'm surprised they have not said a word about it.  

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