Monday, October 24, 2011

Chromebooks: Cost More Than Netbooks, For Ed And Biz Customers

Google is allowing users to purchase Chromebooks out right now.  Still, at the asking price, I'm not sure if there will be a lot of takers.  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited by the prospect of the greater competition but I wish Google could find a way to lower the prices further more.  At least on parity of netbooks.

The WiFi version will cost educational users $449 and business users $559 while the 3G version costs $519 and $639 for the educational and business users, respectively.  At those prices, it makes more sense to get a Windows machines, doesn't it?

Even Android tablets costs similar if not lower.

So, why is Google offering these laptops running Chrome OS at such a rate?

It makes very little sense since you can find them online for much cheaper.  To be clear, they're not that much cheaper online through Amazon or Best Buy but definitely cheaper than what Google is offering.  A quick look on the Amazon's list showed that netbooks can be had for $150-$200 less.

So far, Chromebooks have largely been forgotten.  I'm not sure if this project will last much longer if Google doesn't make a bigger push.  And a price cut would help as well.

I'll say this though, the Samsung Chromebook has some pretty nice battery life at 8.5 hours.

Source: The Inquisitr.

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