Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Green: Climate Argument Is Ignored In the US, Need New Strategy

You probably have never heard of James Hansen. He's a climate scientist with NASA.  After you read this post or click through (Tree Hugger), you'll never hear of him again.  But in natural disaster movies like 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow, there is a heroic scientist fighting against entrenched special interests ranging from good old boy politicians to the oil industries all fighting to make sure it's business as usual as far as Washington and the economy goes.

Well, Dr. Hansen would be one of those characters.  While I don't he'll be trying to lead a large scale effort to evacuate the elites or lead a group of refugees through a tundra that developed overnight in the Midwest, he does deserve to be heard.

Unfortunately, he doesn't believe that he or other scientists can fight the millions being spent by those with vested interests in seeing things continue to be the way the are.  The only one who can change the public mind is Mother Nature.

And while those of us who want to see things changed with regards to the environment and shift to green tech, it'll be a slow change.  And it could be slower depending on who's in charge in Washington.

So, a new strategy is needed.  Certainly, not all corporations believe that the petro-based economy is viable.  Google, Walmart, and a few others have invested hundreds of millions if not billions in renewable energy and other green efforts.  They could be just as powerful a voice to act as a counterweight to the Koch brothers and others.

Just as Howard Schultz of Starbucks is leading the charge against political stagnation in Washington, we need someone who can lead the charge against the energy status quo and be eloquent enough to change the conversation in green's favor.

Any idea who that might be or how it can be done?  As heroic as Dr. Hansen might be, even his counterparts in these Hollywood disaster movies all fought losing battles - which is these movies are made.  Had these fictional scientists won and disasters averted, disaster flicks without disasters would be pretty boring movies.

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