Paranormal Activity 3: Why Do We Scare Ourselves?

I'm gonna be going to watch PA3 tonight.  I don't know.  It was yesterday, midday to be exact, when I agreed to watching it with some friends.  I've already texted my friend back to tell him I'm no longer interested.

Live in a big house with lots of mirrors.  Doesn't make sense for someone like me to be watching something like that and coming home late at night...

Okay, I'm not a big believer in ghosts or the supernaturals but I keep an open mind.  Still, at times, I don't mind watching stuff like this, especially, with friends and it is at someone else's home.  I like being scared.  I think I like see other people scared when they watch these kinds of movies.

There are a lot of studies and articles about what makes us tick when it comes to scary movies.  I know the popular agreed upon reason about this is that it allows us to put ourselves in a heightened level of awareness, not the good kind but a simulated danger with our adrenaline running at full steam, but never really having to put ourselves in real harm.

Of course, the next question is why do some people do it more than others?  This debate is more open to a wider opinion.  Who knows why some like watching scary movies more than others.  And with the sun setting quicker each pass day in the northern hemisphere, well, darker.

Seriously, PA3 sounds like a good movie.  It's made $56 million this weekend and it promises a PA4.


Note:  My friends have a way of showing up even if I said no to them.  I guess all the lights will be on tonight.


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