Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RIM Falls Further As Playbook Update Delay Into 2012; And Won't Ship With All Important Messaging App

I don't know what to say about RIM this Holiday Seasons except that its a gift that keep on giving for Apple, Google, and, possibly Microsoft as it blows past self-imposed deadlines and failed to live up to expectations.

Now, we find that the OS update for the Playbook, crucial for RIM to make a comeback in the tablet market will be further pushed out into February of 2012.  And to make it worse, the important Blackberry messaging won't be available even then.  

Having said that, the punishment investors are current dishing out at RIM's stock is less about the delay and more about the built-up frustration with the company.  

Yesterday, we learned that Blackberry trade-ins have hit a record high amidst a wave of hardware refresh from its competitors.  I wonder if its investors know about that part.  

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