Sunday, October 16, 2011

Support of Local Coffee Shops Not Easy But Could Be Worth Effort

I've got relatively simple needs. I think we all do when it comes down to it. Finding good local coffee shops is simply a luxury that I am fortunate to be able to partake it.

Coffee, straight up black or specialty drinks, is now a main staple for a lot people. Good coffee is fine but do is the atmosphere that the cafe provides. So I have been trying to go sound local places that I hope will fill my needs.

I am at a local shop that was recommended to me by a friend. Ace Roule. It is a small mom-and-pop place. It has most of the decor that I would appreciate. Wireless Internet access, outlets thought I generally avoid using public outlets now when I can, and decent music. The people here are generally nice as well.

What it lacks, and I've noted that in other places like Starbucks and Coffee Beans is that they don't have any kind of plant life. Seriously, no small shrub or those indoor trees. I made an effort to go out and get my own and put them around house where I work.

In general, if you're used to Starbucks or other big named cafe, it can be hard to go venturing into a new place and try to become a regular.

Here at Cafe Roule, the drinks are fine though their pastries are lacking in selection. They have other food that are available. Sandwiches seem to be a hit here. This is certainly something that many coffee shops don't offer.

I suppose what I am doing here is to try to come up with a good way for myself as well as others to evaluate and find a good coffee place that you can come to relax, work, or just to hang out with friends.

One thing I do note is that it does take time to find a good place to call your own. I agree with the Starbucks idea of trying to be a home away from home. And it's also the same for these independent cafes. They don't necessarily try to do that. They Try to sell you the best coffee experience they can offer.

So it's up to us to see if they for our individual tastes. I know here at CR, they do have their regulars. I don't count myself as one.

So help me out here. What should our readers consider in finding the right coffee shop for them.

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