Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tablet: Low Prices And Bundling Could Make Way For Greater Adoption

When I said that we should be getting great pricing on Android tablets by Black Friday, never did I imagine that prices would be dropping by so much so fast.  Not that I am complaining.  I think it's fantastic and, you know what, keep it coming!

First, you obviously know by now that Amazon's Kindle Fire is priced at $200 (I know it's $199 but I don't go for these kinds of deceptive pricing practices as as the lowest priced iPad is $500, not $499).  And while it's not really a true Android tablet (that I can see because it uses a variant of the Android OS 2.2 and not sanctioned by Google), I still consider it to be part of the family.  A distant cousin.

Then there is the news of the Xoom Family Edition (Android Guys) - the same old Xoom bundled with family friendly apps and games (gimmicky but I think it could be effective).  For instance, it is packed with Zoodles, I think it's something my nephews spend a lot of time with.

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