Saturday, October 1, 2011

Walled Garden Is What Microsoft is Going For But Illegal Apps Appear

Apple, Google, and Microsoft will be going at each other in across different ecosystems and markets for years to come. On one hand, Apple has a walled system and Google offers a more open one.

Microsoft has now elected to go with an app store that is closer to Apple's mobile and app policy than Google's and, now, it appears NES apps with questionable copyright issues have started showing up.

In the past, Google and Microsoft has criticized Apple for its mobile app implementation. Be that as it may, it's interest to see that Microsoft in an effort to make sure Windows Phone has a chance to stay relevant decided go allow these apps to slip through.

You might try to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt but make no mistake, this is not a case of someone sleeping at the controls. Allowing NES apps could entice some users to consider WP7 over others like iPhone or Android.

Microsoft has pledged to remove them. After all, they were caught. Still,for a briefest of moment, Windows Phone devices were to ones to get if you wanted to play Mario and Zelda games.

Can't blame them for trying.

Source: WMPoweruser

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