Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Will Samsung's Altered Galaxy S II Lessen The Mobile Experience?

According to multiple reports, Samsung has been working to take out a feature or features in its Android devices to avoid a ban in Europe.  Samsung was found to have violated a patent owned by Apple.

The patent involved how a photo is presented on a device and swiping it to get from one pic to another.  I could be wrong but that seems to be the gist of it.

While I doubt this would have a measurable impact on the mobile experience, I figure Samsung likely found an acceptable mechanism to go around Apple’s patent.

So, no fear, folks.  Galaxy devices will still be for sale.  The question is if Samsung’s new implementation would be just as good if not better than Apple’s swiping patent.

And isn’t what all this comes down to?  The interaction between the user and the mobile device.  Apple has been patenting a lot of touch features, specifically multi-touch gestures, that it claims to be uniquely to the iOS devices.

While it’s great to see Apple devote resources and innovate in that direction, I wonder if it ought to be unique to Apple at all.  After all, any kind of touching, like what we now do on a device, manipulating a machine, andfeeling a fabric or sand have always been an evolutionary necessity.

If not to do all of the above, what are our fingers and hands for?

I highly doubt not being able to swipe at pictures on the Galaxy or other Samsung devices something that will greatly diminish the mobile experience.  However, I fear this is only the beginning.  I'm fine with companies trying to leverage its patents to create an unique mobile experience.  However, I think there is a line that says certain ways of doing things cannot be unique like multi-touch.

More at CNet.

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