Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mobile Becomes A Part Of You In 2012

Year 2011 was an exciting year for mobile technology as far as consumers are concerned but 2012 promises to be the first step towards a mobile future that may well put 2011 to shame.  

Android put on quite a show and I'm not just talking about the sheer volume of activations but also how far it has come from 2010.  Unfortunately, we did not see Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich until December when Google put the Galaxy Nexus on sale.  So 2012 will be about ICS and what it can do for smartphones but more importantly, what ISC can do for tablets.  After all, Android tablets was a no-show in 2011.

For RIM, it's disappointment time after time in 2011 but you have to remember that while its products failed catch on in North America, Blackberries remain popular in much of the world. That along could be what saves RIM and give it one final shot at making sure its next generation Blackberries, the superphones, a shot at a comeback.

Windows Phone continues to gain steam but with babysteps.  We haven't a top WP phone in the US.  Sure, we'll get Nokia's Lumia 700 via T-Mobile but still nothing on the 800 or 900 phone.  However, Microsoft is never a company you want to rule out of any race.  It has incredible patience and not to mention very deep pockets.  

And Apple is Apple.  But 2012 may not be about iPhone 5 or even iPad 3 but more about what iOS 6 is going to be like.  On top of that, look for Siri to really put on a show when it leaves beta - I reckon that should be around the summer or fall time, in time for iOS 6.  And look for Siri to almost work like a platform - its quirky personality is a nice touch but wait until she really puts on a show - in Macs, iOS devices, and possible on TV too.

All of that are to be expected for 2012.  It's all of intangibles that will wow us.  Again, I'll bring up Siri but I anticipate Google and Microsoft to answer in kind.  On top of that, the tablet war will really take a toll on the PC market once Ice Cream Sandwich and Windows 8 tablets make their way onto the market.  

But it's also mobile with social media that could really change the world and how we mobile warriors conduct our lives.  Look at how this lethal combo changed the Middle East, mobilized the Occupy movement, and blur the line between news and tweet updates.  Figure it'll be huge in the US Presidential election in 2012?  That's right.  If you think the Obama campaign of 2008 was effective with social media, it'll be even bigger in 2012.  

I'll sign off here for now but I'll be back with my other mobile predictions (or wishful thinkings).  

Happy New Year!

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