Saturday, January 28, 2012

America's Future: Homeless HS Girl Rocks Science World

Meet Samantha Garvey, a homeless girl who is so far defy the odds that life that thrown her way and is likely on her way to make a big impact in the rest of us.

Her work is in the salt marshes dealing with mussels and how they evolve to deal with environmental pressures.  In a world of global warming (yeah, there is warming here in California for all the lack of snow we're getting in the local mountains and the 80s weather we're getting this winter), this could be something very important.

And she hopes to work for NOAA once she's done wowing her professions at whatever university she attends.

According to this brilliant girl, she has a lot of plans for her future.  And I would not bet against her.

Folks, we live in a world here in America with those who have, and those who have-nots (or according to Indiana's GOP governor "soon-to-have", as in "you're pre-rich), it's very inspiring to read stories like this.

It certainly has me very inspired.  I wish Samantha all the best in the world.  We're gonna need folks like her capable of changing the world for the better.

Source:  CNN.

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