Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dropbox Is Huge In Mobile But Google To Get Into Cloud Storage

Dropbox is a big player in online or cloud storage.  Practically owns the whole market by some reckoning given how many mobile warriors rely on it.  Well, DB is about to get company in a bad way.  Google is getting into the storage biz as well.

So, what we do know?  Well, most what you're going to read are pure speculations but I think we can safely make two claims that will turn out to be true:  Google's online storage will be tied into its own OS's,  Chrome OS and Android, and Google Apps.

Biz Insider also pointed out that SkyDrive from Microsoft is also a player, albeit, pretty unknown given that Dropbox still has more app support with only 2GB of free storage while SD has 25 GB.

I guess until Google unveils and releases its drive, I should give SkyDrive a "drive" as well.

As a mobile warrior, I can't say how glad Google is getting into this.  It'll make Chrome OS (who really uses it anyway) all the more versatile but it'll be Google's drive inevitable integration with Android that will make it all the more useful for heavy mobile users like myself.

Even now, Apple's iPhone with iCloud doesn't really give the users any kind of user-friendly storage like Dropbox.  In the past, MobileMe had the iDisk but with the introduction of the iCloud, the iDisk feature went away.

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