Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Germany To Slow Solar Deployment - Why?

Germany is going to speed up the latest round of incentive cuts because why?  Because their solar deployment is ahead of schedule.  Now, you have to wonder that with all the problems with Iran, the rest of Europe needs to get their acts together and accelerate their own green tech deployments – hydro, thermo, solar ,and wind.

And here in the US?  I reckon should President Obama, with an improving economy, win a second term, we should at least manage to stay on course.  But should we get a Republican president, I get the feeling all bets are off.  Politics in the US has gotten so vindictive that reversing the previous administration’s policies after a political win would amount to poking the other guy in the eye.  This is the same for both Democrats and Republicans.

I’m not sure why Germany wants the cut now when the world needs to wield itself off petro as instability caused of the Iranian nuclear standoff threatens war.  Already, Tehran has cut oil to English and French companies.

A new argument needs to be framed in favor of green energy sources.  It should be about security and nothing but security.  Forget the environment as someone would want.  Give them that.  But make it a full court press to make green power about self-energy empowerment and give these countries with unfriendly foreign policies towards the West less leverage.

As for Germany, thousands of jobs will be at stake of proposed cuts goes through.

Source:  Reuters.

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