Monday, February 27, 2012

Green Chocolate - Well, Candy Made By the Sun

Apple made a huge PR splash last week when they outlined the data centers powered by the sun and conservation measure.  Before that, other big box retailers have also demonstrated foresight by using green tech and renewable energy sources.  Now, we've got another one and this one tastes sweet.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Mars Chocolate unveiled a solar farm at their factory in NV that will power 100% of their energy needs.  That's correct.  All of the factory's electricty will be coming from the sun.  The post from did not specify how the factory intends to stay open during the night.  There was no specific mention of a power storage unit.

With this new development, Mars hope to achieve their goal of sourcing all of their electricity needs by 2040, 28 years from now.

My guess is the factory will need to get power from the local electric company during night hours.  Still, I imagine that they probably will sell extra power back to the plant, what ever is left over that they don't need.

Bit by bit, albeit slower than I would like, companies in the US are moving forward with renewable powers and have the foresight to make it happen.

Source: Cleantechnica, Mars.

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