Google's Nexus Tablet Should Go After The iPad, Not Just The Kindle

The iPad has tons of apps.  You know it, I know it, other folks know it, Google knows it, and Apple keeps reminding us about it.  Said and done.  But it's a condition that Google can change for Android tablet.  And I'm hoping when Google finally releases its Nexus tablets, not only will there be a 7" version but one close to the 10" version of the iPad.

The reason is simple.  It'll look like Google is shying away from fight Apple directly because has admitted defeat.  After all, the new tablet will be going up against the iPad 2 at $399 and the new iPad with the Retina Display at $499.  I'm guess Google will try to price everything at $399 if Google does come out with a 10" tablet.

There is more Google has to do.  More at On Google.


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