Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Freaky New Video: Love Molly

I really should not have watched this trailer.  It's from "Lovely Molly" from the folks who gave us the Blair Witch Project.  Granted I saw this in the light of day but I have been jogging at night through an area where it's not particularly well lit.

And it's hilly so if I run out of breath and try to run away from something, not gonna make (shaking my head).  Anyway, I guess there'll be no jogging tonight.

So, I want to now sharing this lovely scary clip with you.

I like how in the video they tagged it as "a new vision of evil". While I am on this subject, I wonder what kind of mind, what does it take, would one need to think up of these things to scare people.

Source: Blastr.

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