Shows How To Provide Bad Service And Shot Self In The Foot

Source:  WP via Dave the Mobile Sage

Many of us have our own website.  We register our URL and likely host them with the most reliable reliable hosting company we can find.  For the most part, it works great and is flawless.  But what if one of your customer is hated by one of the most draconian and certainly the most populous country in the world and that country sends you a threatening letter?  Well, if you're, you tell your customer, Boxun, the victim in this case to move along because it is scared of China.

The gist of the story is that Boxun has been reporting on an internal power struggle that many in China access via proxy servers.  Obviously, you're not going to get the straight story from Beijing.  Well, China sent a threatening letter.  Obviously, China denies it but we know that they know that we know it's them.

Name panicked and tell Boxun to move along.

Right now, GoDaddy, previously hated for supporting SOPA, is pretty happy that voluntarily stepped up to be the most hated domain registrar.  You can read Name's cowardly blog post on this matter here.  Apparently, the CEO of CloudFlare, a Name competitor, has made the services of his company available.

People, would you want to host your site with someone who can't stand a little denial-of-service heat?  And if you want to provide crappy service and let the world know about it, just provided you with a classic lesson.


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