Of All The Metrics, Facebook Has Already Failed the "Trust" Meter

Source:  Forbes.

Here is a very good article from Forbes about Facebook’s IPO and valuation.  The scary thing is that Facebook is behind in most metric where it counts.  And it can’t count on its four hundred million active users to click on the ads displayed.

Have you ever clicked on them?  I know I haven’t.  You don’t know if the ads are trying to siphon off our personal info or just trying to sell us stuff.  You don’t know if the ads are even legit because they could be phishing for passwords and other data.

Facebook’s money making metrics doesn’t matter if the user can’t trust them.  And because of that, Facebook has already failed.  I might play a couple of games on there like Words with Friends.  However, I'll never give them my bank account, buying anything through Facebook where I have to give them my credit card info, or subscribe to any mobile payment in the future.

And just a word about Facebook's IPO on Friday, I would never touch this stock.  I have Apple, Google, and Microsoft stocks, just a few.  And I own them because I do buy their phones, use the apps, and use the services.  I also have a few Starbucks shares too because I like the company and frequent my local Starbucks stores a lot.

But since I'm not willing to use Facebook's services all that much and if you're an user who is wary of its privacy policies, why own the stock.  Why own the stock of a company if people are afraid of it?


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