With Affordable Care Act Ruled Constitutional Today, Chief Justice Roberts (Inadvertently) May Have Set Up An Obama November Loss

Here's some food for thought that I like you to consider in what's being billed as a historic decision by the Supreme Court of the United States today.  In a 5-4 decision, a major lead by chief justice John Roberts ruled the President's healthcare law constitutional because it was an issue about taxes.  While one might want to count this as a major victory for the Obama administration, I am not so sure.

In fact, I ask this:  Did the chief justice inadvertently set the President up for a loss in November?

Consider this.  With the Citizens United ruling that created today's Super PACs that has so far favored the GOP, they are likely to outspend the incumbent president.  Money wins elections as you well know.

Now, with the ACA ruling, Mitt Romney may have an issue that conservatives can get excited about and rally around.  Today's decision is sure to galvanize the GOP and conservative base and it could only be a good thing for Romney.  On top of that, the Tea Party and libertarian wings of the political spectrum could view ACA as another overreach by the Obama administration.

Romney has declared overturning President's initiatives once he becomes president as his main election pitch and with the healthcare law still very much unpopular, the Romney campaign is sure to try to score as many points out of this as possible.

Money?  Check.  An outrage that certain to rally behind Romney?  Check.  Roberts' court certainly align the stars for the GOP.  However, at the end of the day, this election will still be about the economy.  Last check, 6 in 10 thinks the President Obama inherited this mess.


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