Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zynga Goes After Consoles, Apple, and Google With Friends Network

Source:  PocketGamer.Co.Uk.

In a pretty interesting move for Zynga that could prove to be a huge one of gamers accept is its new "Zynga with Friends", a gaming network that could have a potentially huge influence on multiple platforms from mobile to PC to consoles.  It'll compete with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and a few other gaming networks.

And with this move, it catapults Zynga, which relies a lot on Facebook for audience, can now have other options should Facebook ever go the way of MySpace.  Not only that, because of the ubiquity of casual gamers in mobile, it will have found a more secure way to generate revenues from ads and in-app purchases that Facebook and Google has failed to do thus far.

Presenting a challenge to incumbents and newcomers alike, like Apple's Gamecenter, ZwF will feature many social features like chats and stream besides cross-platform game play.  What ZwF will do is enable Zynga to create a level of engagement that I think Xbox is the only one that has been able to do.  That is all we hear about.

ZwF could, in fact, become a direct challenge to Facebook, which would be Zuckberg's worst nightmare apart from the Instagram threat.  Maybe, Zynga could be snatch up by one of the larger mobile players like Google.  Or maybe, Facebook will be forced to spend its billions to keep it away from Google.

What will be interesting is if ZwF's social initiative takes off, we can see Zynga not only as a huge mobile player but social as well.  In fact, years from now, we may be talking about Facebook being "myspaced" by Zynga, becoming a bigger challenge to Google+.

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