Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora, Colorado Tragedy: Prayers For the Victims and Families

Americans are one people.  While political forces will try and divide us, they only succeed for a small time ever couple of years.  Otherwise, we are one.  And unfortunately, tragedies are the only way these days where the media allow such portrayal of unity.

I am glad that President Obama has set aside momentarily his reelection campaign and I expect governor Mit Romney to do the same.  POTUS said declared that politics is for another day.

I hope operatives from either side won’t try to capitalize on this national tragedy.  Today, it’s about the victims and their family.

Our prays are with them.

Note:  If anyone tries to use this for their own political advantage, we will not hesitate to point them out and rip them a new one.

Another Note:  Let's avoid reporting or repeating every new development we hear on the Web or in the media.  Most reports are just so raw that often time, they get revised or end up being false.  We don't need to jump to conclusions.  The media does enough of that on their own.

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