Charles Is Right: Dream Team Would Whip Today's 2012 Team Or Anyone Else

Source:  ESPN.

1992 Dream Team would whip today's US men's Olympics basketball team.  There really is no room for debate.

Anyone who doesn't agree didn't watch the Dream Team played in the Olympics.  And while there have been a number of other teams since, on so many levels, the Dream Team of 1992 for the Barcelona Olympics Games would beat the pants off so many other teams that has been assembled so far.  Not it wouldn't be just on the scoreboards but in class as well.

Whatever else, you just have to let the stats speak for themselves.  And the Dream Team was just suffocating.  The only time the DT had any problem was just a brief couple of minutes against Croatia before opening up a 33 points lead on the way to the gold.

The team that the NBA will send to London simply don't have that kind of killer instinct or the disciple to maintain a game long momentum like the DT did.  Sure, there was egos back then but the DT players knew business came first.  Today's squad is full of individual talents but as a team, they just don't put up the kind of entertaining value the DT had.

The showtimesque style of play was great from the opening tip to the final second regardless of the lead, 30, 40, 50, or 60 points.

Sorry, Kobe, on a good day, any Olympic team you were a part of might come close to beating the DT but a baby-hook from Magic, a three from Bird, or an awesomely incredible shot from Jordan would have finished you guys off.


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