Green: Bench That Charges Your Gadgets (Awesome Idea of the Week)

Source: Treehugger,  Green Sun Rising.

I think I'll start a new section called awesome idea of the week.  We already talk about green tech from time to time and what better way to start it off with pairing green tech with an awesome idea.  A bench that charges your devices as you work or play.

Green Sun Rising Solar Bench

there are thousands of parks in the US...probably millions around the world.  Imagine if they could be fitted with these benches and how much energy they could save. And when there are no people around, the electricity generated could be channeled to other uses - lighting quickly comes to mind.

What's cool about this bench is that it has a built-in battery to store power.  So, you're really looking at a very self-sustaining bench.  I can imagine myself using up the battery life in my iPhone during a picnic to the parks or the beach and this would be a fantastic piece-of-mind knowing that I don't have to worry about running out of juice.  

I would just like to add that this would be even better if it has a WiFi hotspot or when White Spaces modules become popular, wow.  

And having these benches at malls, office parks, and food courts could be a huge draw.  This reminds me of those Toyota Prius promos with those solar trees.  

Ah, one can only wish.


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