Green: Candidate Romney Versus President Romney - Does The Green Economy Have To Worry?

Romney has had to veer to the right to fight off the dozen or so legitimate as well as fringe candidates that wanted to take the Republican Party to where no mainstream conservative wants to go.  And former governor Jeb Bush is right.  Presidents Bush (the first one) and Reagan would not make it in today's increasing small GOP tent.

That point aside, Romney did manage to cast himself as the best option the GOP has to beat President Obama.  As an American and a person living on planet earth, I have to ask for my other fellow Americans and Earthlings just who will govern from the White House:  candidate Romney who did/said whatever he could to win the GOP nomination or a more pragmatic president who will govern more from the right of center?

Social issues, healthcare and immigration, are very important but the green economy being pushed by President Obama has actually been one of the more positive aspects of his administration.  And whether you blame President Obama for the slow economic recovery, the green economy has actually been picking up steam.

And alternative energy sources as well as conservation is good policy and should be embraced by everyone and, yet, the GOP, for whatever reasons, cannot stand it.

So, I have to wonder what a Romney administration will mean for the green economy.  It's my hope that Romney will continue to push and promote renewable energy sources and technologies that will decrease the dependencies of foreign oil for ourselves as well as our allies.  He can do that even if he wants to take on the "drill, baby, drill" mantle.

Note:  I do believe President Obama did inherit an economy that was on the edge of another depression and did save us from that.  At the same time, more could have been done to promote job recovery that I was disappointed was not implemented until 2012, an election year.


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