Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Green: Heat Dome In North America Turned 97% of Greenland Ice Sheet Into Slush

Source:  Popular Science.

No one knows exactly why but I'll venture a guess:  global warming in a huge way?

This is a picture of the Greenland ice sheet with about 97% of it turning into slush as scienists at NASA call it.  And it could be a great concern for everyone.  And here's the thing, typically, we're supposed to only see this happen to 40% of the ice sheet in a typical summer.

Now, remember the current heat wave continental United States is going through?  Well, that could have been the reason why this has happened.  And this has been confirmed by other sources and scientists.

I know there are folks who deny any kind of global warming.  I can only guess it's for selfish reasons.  But even if you don't think there is warming happening, isn't it better to play it safe?

Anyway, we'll know soon enough just where this is headed.  Summer comes every year and we'll see where this is headed.  On the right side, if the ice sheet goes away, I know exactly the spot in Greenland that I wan to build my vacation home.

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