Monday, July 23, 2012

Mobile: Knight or the Scared Little Boy - How Do You See Your Favorite Mobile Platform?

Right about now, RIM and its Blackberry fans are feeling pretty small.  I’m sure its employees are not feeling all that secured about their futures.  Picture this as a cartoon:  RIM like a little boy cowling in a dark corner as three large ominous shadows, accounting for the iPhone, Android, and Windows, loom over top looking to deliver the final blow.  I’m sure Palm folks felt that way.  I know I did.  And I’m sure we Mac fans felt that way before the return of Steve Jobs when Apple were months if not weeks from not being able to pay its bills.

How do Apple, Google, and Microsoft fans feel?  Do they see their favorite mobile computing platform in the same light as how I’ve described RIM or is the iPhone or Android dressed up as a shiny knight on a warhorse striking back against mutli-headed dragons, with each head representing its competitors, fighting gallantly with confidence?

Perhaps, Apple and Google fans can feel this way rather than how I see RIM since they’re the two biggest mobile platforms in the world and have a lot of exciting new products and services that promises rosy futures.  RIM really is just trying to survive long enough for Blackberry 10 to come out and I’m not feeling all that confident it’ll happen or that it’ll matter when it does.

As for Microsoft, I can’t say if it’s more like the little boy or the shiny armed knight trying to bring light to where it has been dark.  Only time will tell.

Of course, as galvanized as fans are and bloggers/pundits like to fuel that particular fire, most of the mobile warriors don’t care one way or another.  They just want whatever they chose to work and will pick the platform that best suit their needs.

What got me on this post is this morning, I was looking at the Jawbone Up page to see if they have a replacement for the first one that many users have complained about that forced Jawbone to refund buyers or offer free replacements.  Then I starting looking to more research on Nike’s Fuelband and the Fitbit.  I dove into the comments on blogs and community boards where rivalry between these fans of these high-tech pedometers rages on.

We’re talking about pedometers here, folks!

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