Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remember When They Used To Deliver Mail (For Free)?

I wrote yesterday about the US Post Office.  It was not a rant so much as an incredulous look at the inefficiency of one incident.  And now, we have this:  the USPS will require an act of Congress to avoid defaulting on some financial oblications.

How much?  This much:  more than $5.5 billion.

Delivery should not be affected.  Still, you can’t but help feel that the postal service that we have been used to will have to be changed forever.  I fear that it could be so bad that one day, we’d be telling our kids about how “these guys would go house to house delivering mail and packages”.

Mail service could still happen but they many not be free.  Would you pay for delivery if the USPS starts charging?  Heck, the wireless companies charges both the caller and the receiver based on minutes, so why would the USPS consider double-dipping, especially if it is trying to save itself.

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