Monday, July 9, 2012

Social: Life Is Full of Disappointments But It’s Our Own Faults

You know the term, “life is so full of surprises”?  It’s also smack full of disappointments.  I think most of is of our own making, regardless of whether it’s surprise or disappointment.  I know that for many of us, folks who read this blog, success came because we will it.  We work hard at it.  Failures too.

So, I reckon this is the same for disappointments.  It’s 2012, national election year for United States.  I don’t see a lot of folks getting very excited this year as they were in 2008 when candidate, junior Illinois senatof Barack Obama, overcame the Clinton political machine and waltzed into the White House over an inept McCain presidential campaign.

It was hope.  A new dawn in America.  A new era of bipartisanship.  Obviously, that didn’t quite pan out.  It’s been quite partisan and may be worse than the Bush years.

Disappointed?  You betcha!  And I think it’s of our own making.  We look through our own biased lenses and believed that this time it’s different.  We did it to ourselves.

It’s the same for other aspects of our lives too.  I don’t know if I lived up to other folks’ standards but at times, I also think I should have even higher standards and when I measure myself up against them, I think I’ve fallen short.  My own making:  I’ve set too high a standard or I’ve not worked hard enough to meet them.

Recently, I met a girl.  Awesome girl.  Or so I thought.  Pretty, young, intelligent.  Pretty and young, definitely.  Intelligent or so I thought.  I fell in love with an image that I created not thinking that I should have been more careful.  I found that out that makes certain unhealthy choices in her lifestyle – smoking.

Obviously, we can all go through examples in our lives where things go the way we want and things that doesn’t quite pan out.  Successes, failures, or disappointments.  We have more control over them that we think – for better or worse.

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