Monday, August 6, 2012

Curiosity Scientists And Engineers at JPL Get The Gold Medal

Here's a very good post about the Curiosity and what it's all about in case you missed (like I did but for a good reason) the landing and where we go from here.

USA Today's report also include a pic of the sheer size of the newest rover.  Life on Mars about to be found?

You can find more information (and you should) about the Curiosity and the rest of the Mars mission at JPL.

Those scientists and engineers have really shown just what the US space program can do when we put our best folks on it.  I just hope the successful landing and subsequent discoveries about Mars will allow those idiots we send to Washington to begin thinking more about the future of humanity in space rather than what's good for their parties.

Yeah, I just had to give the JPL guys a plug and a shot at Washington.  Force of habit...

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