Green: US Heat Waves, Hunger Games, And Global Warming

I was looking to increase me donation to the World Food Program this Sunday morning as I comfortably sit on my house steps this morning sipping my coffee and eat away jalapeño Cheetos, trying to do nothing for the day. But after reading about the droughts in the US and kinda all over the world, an "aging" old question regarding climate change and warming popped up agains and I cannot figure out the answer.

Why are we still denying there is a dramatic change in our atmosphere, regardless of whether this is man-made or not? Regardless of whether if the planet is actually warming or not, why not error on the side of caution? Why not stay conservative on this issue and conserve, go green, and generally appreciate the great blue dot that God (or whatever deity you worship or not) had granted us?

So this is a map from the WFP that I was looking at from a post regarding the drought and food crisis of Sahel region of West Africa. Huge area with tens of millions of people who live there without the much needed water.

And here in the US, we are going through our own problem with a persistent heat wave that has created a lot of short-term problems. However, they are dwarfed by long-term ones that could get worse and worse over years. But with the US being the US, we are likely going to get through it better than most other countries or regions. Still, there could come a day when the tipping point is reached and the climate really does to heck on such a regular basis that life as we know it on this planet will change forever.



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