Thursday, August 2, 2012

LinkedIn Tops Expection, Like Yelp, Networklets Run Circle Around Facebook

Source:  Yahoo.

I'll make you click through to Yahoo but know only this:  LinkedIn, like Yelp yesterday, topped Wall Street expectations (which doesn't say much).  Only only that, LinkedIn also raised outlook.  So, counter to what Wall Street likes us to think, social networks can make money, unless, of course, its Facebook.

And with Facebook's stock being beat up, I had always thought it has been unfair to lump everyone else in along with it.  Zynga is the exception because it depended on Facebook to make a large portion of its money.

Once the novelty of playing games and paying for fake money came up and went, well, you know how the story ended.

Networklets, like Yelp and Foursquare, even Twitter, are able to generate revenue and largely succeed in mobile because they geared towards a specific need and provides invaluable services.  On the other hand, annoying ads on Facebook just doesn't work.  We've been trained for a better part of a decade to ignore ads.

On top of that, if you're on Facebook apps for Android, iPhone, or another device, you're now seeing sponsored companies for you to "like".  Another annoyance from Facebook that we simply flick away.

While LinkedIn isn't big on mobile like other networklets, it is geared towards a specific segment of the social landscape and provides needs beyond just staying in touch with friends and families.  Hence, LinkedIn is more capable of generating than Facebook.

Not only that, LinkedIn is profitable now.

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