Thursday, October 18, 2012

Election: Get Used To It, Tagg. If Your Dad Wins, Expect Worse Things Said About Mitt

So here's how it went down.  Tagg did not like that the President of the United States, leader of the world stood up to his challenger who has been willing to say anything to get himself into the White House.

Again, I'm a conservative but I simply cannot vote against someone, in this case the President, without have a reason to vote for the other guy, Mitt whose job the last decade is running for the position of POTUS.  I just want to get out that of the way.  And yes, the Obama campaign has been vicious themselves.

It's the nature of American politics.  But to have a member of a family of one of the candidate public state that he would like to attack the other guy for attacking his father is just something that has never happen before.  And what's also stupid is that Tagg should know this would go viral in the age of Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platforms.

Hey, it's great that a son would like to stand up to his father but looking at Tagg, we know the dude is all words.

So, Tagg.  You ain't see nuthin' yet.  Over the next couple of weeks as the two campaigns race to the finish line, it'll get worse.  On top of that, should your dad (God help us all if it happens), gets into the White House, it will be much, much worse than anything you've seen before.

Just so you know, you made your whole family look foolish, Tagg, because you ain't man enough do what you said you'd do.  You said you couldn't because of the Secret Service guys around.  Seriously, that's what's stopping you, dude?

No.  That's not what's stopping you.  What's stopping you is the fact that you're full of it and nothing like your dad.  Just another rich spoiled kid who cannot back up his words.  If you want to show you've got game, talk about the details that are still missing in your dad's economic plan.  Tell us how it all hinges on the hope that there will be an economic recovery to make up for the tax cuts and increase spending.

Of course, leave out the fact that if the economy doesn't recover as fast as your dad insists, our deficit will increase much more than anything Obama has put us through.  Make sure that doesn't get caught on camera.

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