Sunday, October 21, 2012

Social Event: Facebook And Twitter - How Not To Sell Out Users

I am not a Facebook fan but I can't dismiss the impact that it has had on our social interaction and how it has affected how many of us get our information now.  Sure, kids, like myself, still go to Jon Stewart for news and "the truth" but we rely on more than just Comedy Central and Hulu.

For the last three events that I've been informed about, it's not through evite or the e-mail but through Facebook.  A zombie run northwest of Los Angeles, birthday dinner for a friend, and a night market even at the Santa Anita racetrack.

All through Facebook.  Twitter let me know about the 626 Night Market by way of multiple tweets but, so far, there is no way for Twitter to set up events like Facebook or evite can.

And to make all this even more accessible, all social networks that I've come across can be assessed by today's most popular mobile platforms (oh yeah, I forgot.  There are only two: iPhone and Android).

It's anyone's guess where we go from here.  But as much as I love bashing Facebook, this is one particular use that I am in favor of.  It's how social networks can thrive and flourish without having to sell its users out to the highest advertisers.

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