Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election 2016: Bush Versus Clinton Rematch And Why No Biden?

Politico has a post out today about political order being restored once President Obama finished his newly earned (won) second term.  How so?

The GOP could look towards the Bush dynasty for guidance in the form of Jeb Bush while the Democrats could well lean on the former First Lady, former NY senator, and currently our secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

Of course, if either does run, would you be surprised 2020, 2024, 2028, or some time in the future when Chelsea Clinton decides to pick up that mantle to reestablish the Clinton dynasty or the next generation of Bush could try to have a go at it.

Hey, don't get the Kennedys either.  They just go a newly elected Joe Kennedy III.  So far, dude looks clean if somewhat inexperience.

But they all do, don't they?  It's the name.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a Hillary-Jeb facebook.  But you have to wonder why Biden has not been mentioned at all for 2016, except by himself.

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