Sunday, November 11, 2012

Government And Military Using Counterfeit Tech.

Right to the point: the federal government and the US military is being flooded with counterfeit tech.

What's worse is that most of these fake products originate from China, you know, folks who constantly hack us and try to steal out corporate and industrial secrets.

Whether this is oversight, incompetence, or something criminal, this is what Congress should be holding hearings on and not why FBI did not immediately inform those pompous fools on the Hill with juicy details of an investigation with no national secruity implications regarding the CIA director, General David Patraeus.

We already know that the Patraeus issue, which resulted in his resignation, had nothing to do with his position as director of the CIA and it was a personal matter.

Of course, many of the buffoons in Congress who legislated over the poorest approval rating in history were reelected and this is what they chose to do.

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