Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 6th: GOP Evidence of Obama Victory?

I don't know who is going to win.  If someone forced me to pick now, I'd have to say President Obama should win by a narrow margin.  Maybe not the narrow margin that many are suggesting but definitely smaller than in 2008.  However, with the polls all over the place and the vastly different interpretations and perceived biases, who really knows.

But a couple of development this weekend has me thinking that maybe the Romney campaign thinking that they are going to have a tough time winning on Tuesday.

The first one is Romney campaigning in Pennsylvania.  I don't think he'd be there if he thinks he's got a shot at Ohio.  And this is forcing Governor Mitt Romney to take this route to the White House.  Maybe it'll work.  Maybe it won't.  I think Sandy will help the President somewhat.  And it's a long shot move but an absolutely necessary one.  

The second is what Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan said on Sunday.  He said an Obama victory would mean the days of Christian values are over.  Depending on your religious views, this may or may not be true.  Regardless, what Ryan said isn't important but when he's saying it:  less than 48 hours before election.

You might think that Ryan is trying to rally the conservative voters to go out on Tuesday.  Maybe.  On face value, that is what it appears.  However, it would also smell of desperation and goes well with my theory that Romney is going to try to get to the White House via a non-Ohio victory route.  

If Ryan's message about Christian values isn't about rallying the base, then it means only one thing: Ryan is eyeing 2016.  See, you don't talk about stuff like in the general election.  You would say things like that if you're trying to win primaries by pandering to the base and avoid things like that during the general election and move to the center.

In Ryan's case being a Republican, he's going after all important values voters that he'll need should be running in 2016.

So, did Ryan bring up the idea of a second term for President Obama being bad for Christian values in an attempt to rally the religious conservative base or is he trying to gear up to be win the GOP presidential candidate for 2016?  Well, if you have to excite your base two days before the election, you're screwed and a Romney victory doesn't look promising.  And if that's not what Ryan is doing and, in fact, he is looking towards 2016, that also doesn't look promising for Romney either.

Well, hopefully, we'll know by Tuesday if Obama gets four more years or if we'll be getting a new president.  

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