Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Romney To Work With Obama? Forget About It

Mr. President, I think you’re a genuinely good guy who is looking out for everyone.  That’s why I voted for you (especially since a GOP House will keep you in check).   And Romney’s attitude towards Americans, those not among his class, you know, the distain and lack of understanding, is exactly who I voted against him.

Plus, while you were praising him today, being all statesman-like, dude was dissing you and the folks who voted for you (ABC News).  Saying stuff like how you gifted the people who voted for you so that they would vote for you.  To me, you did what you could do and had to.  No sitting president would pass up the chance to use the office of the presidency to his advantage.

He said that all those gifts would add up to “trillions”.  “Billions” I’ll buy but I doubt you had the ability to gift “trillions”.  That’s the other reason why I voted for you instead of him.  Dude can’t stop lying.

So, while you were talking about liking some of his ideas and trying to see if there are ways you can sit down and work with him to move America forward, you can forget about it.  Romney just go pounded by you and he doesn’t like you at all.  He’d rather see you fail even at the expensive of America.  It’s unfortunate because there are some good conservative ideas that I genuinely think you should hear about.

Unfortunately, the GOP and its conservative operatives are still trying to find reasons why they lost and ways to stymie your efforts.  That’s unfortunate too.

Take McCain, the previous guy you beat.  He’s now just a bitter old man, looking for payback, and has found a way to hurt you by way of UN ambassador Rice to hurt you (and boy, did your administration really drop the ball on the whole Benghazi thing).  He doesn’t care if it’ll make the public turn more against the GOP as long as he can get his pound of flesh.

But keep trying.  I really doubt Romney’s your man to work with.  There are good sensible guys on the right.  Maybe one or two will stick their neck out far enough to work with you.

Yeah, that’s gonna be hard to find.  But hey, aside the fact that I’m a nobody, feel free to give me a ring.

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