Monday, November 12, 2012

Samsung Does It Again: 16MP Galaxy Camera

Source: Droid-Life.

Ready for a Galaxy camera from Samsung?  You better be.  Some might call this trying to throw stuff up on the way and see what sticks.

Me?  I call it innovation and Samsung is on a roll.  It has been for a while.  The Galaxy phones are selling by the tens of millions per quarter and the Note phone/tablet is not too shabby.

And now, this 16MP with a quad-core CPU with a 21X optical zoom and the latest Android OS.

Of couse, it’s still too early to tell but I like where Samsung is going with their consumer line.  They are not as dogmatic as Apple when it comes to trying new things.  Can you ever see Steve Jobs coming out with a dedicated iOS camera?  Right.

What I want to know is how heavy this thing is, if it can make phone calls, and how long the battery life is and if it’s user-replaceable.

Until then, this Galaxy Camera is still the one to beat for point-and-shoot cameras.  How many out there can say that they’re also a mobile computing device as well?

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