Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thursday Lunch Between Obama and Romney: Reason To Be Hopeful?

Source:  CNN.

President Obama will be sitting down with the man he beat on his way to a second term.  Obama and Romney will be having a private lunch together. Good?  Bad?  We really can’t tell.  Could be a photo thing (but the White House said there won’t be a press event for this) or something bigger.  I’m hoping for a more constructive role for Romney.


I could have easily voted for Governor Mitt Romney.  His ideas and philosophies are much more aligned with my personal ideas about the role of government, taxes, and business in general.  And I’m sure he’s got a good heart despite being filthy rich.  My issue with him was that he lied like heck to get to the White House.  Oh, I’m not under any illusion that the Obama campaign did obfuscate the electorate.  But some of what was coming out of the Romney campaign was just insane.

And on top of that, he wouldn’t share specifics with us.

However, in any role he could have in Obama’s second term, he’d have to share those with us, ones that the White House approves off.

Anyway, we’ll know after Thursday noon, that’s when the two former foes will meet up.  I am hopeful but not stupid.  Obama and McCain also met in 2008 but you know how that went in the last four years.

What do you think?  Is there reason to be hopeful?

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