Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Will Petitioners Or Macy Cave Over Donald Trump?

Source:  MSNBC Today.

This is one story to follow.  A subset of malcontents are urging Macy’s to dump Donald Trump.

Now, let me go on record and say I don’t care about this douche one way or another.  He’s an entertainer who is given relevance for one reason or another.  Personally, I just don’t think he’s a very good business man when it came it this real estate and casino holdings.  But he’s brilliant at being in the media decade after decade.

And yeah, dude's freaking irresponsible.  Not even smart GOP would touch him unless you're trying to be the nominee during the primaries.

So, given his irresponsible tweets and birther outbursts, these petitioners are asking Macy’s execs to get rid of him.  They’ve got a week.

I’m not sure it’s a good ultimatum.  Whether you agree with it or not, let’s track this and see which side blinks or even if the people cutting their Macy cards will force the Macy’s hands.

Let’s keep track and see.

Also, when you go the petition site, you’ll note that this is a left-leaning site powered by Move On.  Where are the right-wingers coming to Donald’s support?  He’s given them so such over the years in terms of entertainment value.

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