Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Instagram – Never Looked Back After Facebook Buyout And This Is Why (Update: National Geographics Suspected Its Account)

Source:  NY Times.
For all those Instagram users out there who are outraged by Facebook’s about-face in terms of privacy and use of Instragram pictures that users share, you shouldn’t be.  This is Facebook and Zucker after all.  You didn’t think that Facebook would keep Instagram policies unchanged did you?

This is the Facebook that time and time again move the privacy goal line and made it more and more difficult for users to figure out what the the heck is going on with their posts, pictures and videos that they “share” online.  This is the same Facebook that has come under government scrutiny.

So, if you’re pissed, well, you shouldn’t be. I’m here to say I told you so.  I’m here to say that I only started using Instagram a couple of weeks before news of Zucker foolishly buying it for $1 billion and deleted the app immediately afterward and never looked back.

And yes, Facebook will back down.  But just a bit.  And when no one is looking and some heat has passed, it’ll try to screw its users over again.  That’s Facebook’s MO and it’ll be Instragram’s too.

CNET’s post here has some alternatives to Instagram.  I suggest you take a look at it.  And yeah, just so you know.  Some of these other guys could do the same to you one day.  So choose wisely.

Note: Instragram has updated their blog to address this issue.  I can only say that if you’ve decide to move on or are leaning towards moving away from Facebook, it’s time.  Nothing in the blog suggests that Facebook won’t try this trick again in the future.  Nothing in this blog suggests lawyers won't use legalese to give Facebook greater control and users less.

Another Note:  National Geographics has suspended their account (via Fast Company).  A very quick move.  A very wise move.  If anyone knows about disclaimers, contracts, agreements, it's another company with its own army of lawyers.  What it's say when they don't even believe what Facebook/Instagram is saying?

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